*In the stories section we will give brief summaries of each interview we do.  By including summaries on our website readers will be able to come onto our site and search for specific topics they would like to read about, and perhaps get tips and advice on how people have endured that specific challenge you may be going through.  We encourage you to hear the FULL story of each of these inspiring interviews.  You can find them on our podcast:
'Praiseworthy with Mary & Eddie". 
   Much love.                   

Faith Instead of Fear
with Lisa Kingston Smith
(Ep. 4)

    We were able to interview a dear friend of ours, Lisa Kingston Smith, who continues to be such an inspiration to our family and we know to many many more.  The service she has shown to our family will never be forgotten , and we are forever grateful to her.  She is Praiseworthy.  We encourage you to listen to Lisa tell her own story as you will be able to hear the strength she radiates from her sweet voice.
      At a young age, Lisa found herself navigating through a terrifying diagnosis of an aggressive brain tumor that her two year old daughter was suffering with.  In the beginning, the doctors didn't want to do an MRI on her daughter at first, but Lisa insisted and as a result they did indeed find a tumor in her little girl's brain.  That scan saved her life.  Lisa encourages others to get MRI's if you are experiencing bad headaches, and to push for a scan even if your Doctor tells you it isn't needed. 

     As if Lisa didn't have enough on her plate during that time, her husband had passed away prior to that diagnosis, suddenly in his sleep while Lisa and her at the time six weeks old baby were asleep next to him.  She explained that she decided to not be bitter and to instead live a good life!

   Years later, Lisa was diagnosed with her own benign brain tumor, and then later a brain scan found another tumor in her brain, but this time it was malignant.  Lisa went through Radiation treatment for that tumor, and is doing great as of today.

    Lisa encourages everyone to let the fear go of whatever you might be faced with!  She is a bright example of pushing through such horrible and stressful times, and not letting those difficult times get her down!  The Hope and Faith she exudes is undeniable, and we each can be blessed by learning from her example.

    Thank you so much Lisa for sharing your incredible story, and please listen to her interview for more details!

     Thank you so much for stopping by!

             Mary & Eddie

Change of Plans
with Branden & Janae 
(Ep. 5)

      We were so happy to be able to sit and talk with Branden and Janae earlier this week! They were so willing to share their beautiful story of their sweet Ryan, who is their oldest child.  

      Janae shared with us that throughout that first pregnancy she was always feeling a bit uneasy and worried about the pregnancy, but when they had their 20 week ultrasound everything looked great so that was a relief.  She ended up going into labor six weeks early and Ryan was born healthy and seemed to be doing okay, at least for that moment.  Branden and Janae continue their story sharing how the doctors and nurses were huddled around their baby right after delivery and ended up asking them questions about any tests they may have had during the pregnant, and then telling them that their new baby had strong signs of being Down Syndrome.  

      Having had four babies, I tried to imagine being a new mother again and it was really touching to my heart to try and imagine how they felt because they had not been prepared for this news, but they were choosing to take it with such Hope and Faith!  One thing that stood out to us was that one nurse told Janae to just go home and focus on being a mommy and taking care of their new baby.  Janae shares how much that simple advice meant to her, that while Ryan was now going to have a life somewhat different than what they had imagined and wished for, nothing changes the way a new mother and father will parent their sweet new baby, that remains the same and is such a tender gift.  

     This sweet couple also shares how there were little things in their life that had prepared them for this new journey.  We encourage you to go and listen to their story and here what those preparations were that ended being gifts to them.  We promise that you will be inspired and feel so much love for them and their sweet Ryan who is a joy to them and so many others!  
      Thank you so much Branden and Janae for sharing your beautiful story!  Please listen to their interview for full details!

       Thank you so much for stopping by!

            Mary & Eddie

"Forgiving the Stranger" 
with Linda Harris
(Ep. 7)

  We had the honor to chat with the wonderful Linda Harris who was referred to us by a mutual friend.  Linda's journey over the past 10 years is absolutely inspiring, and we are honored that she felt comfortable and so willing to share her story with us. 
       Linda was an active runner and biker until an accident changed her life.  On the day of the accident Linda had decided to go for a bike ride on the beautiful trails that she lived by. Unfortunately, as she was enjoying the bike ride a fellow biker hit her on the rear of her bike tire sending her flying face first over the handlebars and hitting the pavement.  The impact was so forceful that she broke the asphalt with her face. Her jaw was broken in four places, 10 of her teeth were either knocked out or loosened, and cuts were made down to the bone on her hands and wrists.  She lost a lot of blood, and also suffered a traumatic brain injury.  The ER Physician said that her helmet saved her life!  Linda is a huge advocate now of bike safety and always encouraging others to wear a helmet!
      The man who caused the accident ended up leaving the scene and Linda has not seen him or heard of him since.  There were five witnesses though who were at the scene and they were no less than angels because of the kindness they showed to her during that time.  Since the accident this man caused, she has had 12 surgeries, and has had to adjust to a new "normal" which does not include the once active lifestyle she so much enjoyed.  

       Despite this accident changing her entire life, Linda chose to forgive the man responsible.  She has also chosen to find new hobbies such as swimming and playing the piano to replace the ones she can no longer do.  Linda shared ten lessons with us that she has taken away from this horrible accident.  These lessons are beautiful and can be applied to most difficult situations.  

       We encourage you to listen to Linda share her story in her own words.  We promise you will walk away feeling inspired and filled with so much hope.  

        Thank you so much for stopping by! 
                  Mary & Eddie

"An Unexpected Miracle...a Journey of Infertility"
with Joe and Ashley
(Ep. 8)

     Infertility is such a tender and personal journey for so many people who long to have a baby of their own.  Recently we were able to speak with Joe and Ashley who endured the trial of infertility for years.  
Their story is beautiful and inspiring, and we know that it will give Hope and Strength to anyone who may be going through a similar struggle. 

       Joe and Ashley's journey led them through financial strains, heartbreaks, frustrations and so much more. Finally, through the unexpected guidance of a much needed infertility support group, they were ultimately guided to an amazing professional who allowed them to overcome the barriers that had been preventing them from having children.  

       After going through the costly process of artificial-insemination, and then through Invitro-Fertilization, they were blessed with the sweet gifts they had been longing for.  But it doesn't end there!
       We encourage you to listen to their own words as they go into greater detail with their journey.  We promise that you will feel inspired and hopeful!

          Thank you so much for stopping by!

                    Mary & Eddie

"Be The Hero Of Your Story"
with Special Guest Jessie Funk
(Ep. 11)

  In this episode we were so excited to talk to the renowned vocalist, recording artist, Youth Advocate, Speaker, and Non-profit Director, Jessie Funk! Not only has she touched our lives with her music, and by allowing us to sing her song "Calling All Angels" at our daughter McKaylee's funeral, but the work she has been doing as a Youth Advocate is nothing less than beautiful and inspiring!  
          In this episode Jessie shares that her advocacy for the youth began when she was a young teenager and was bullied horribly.  She shares that she ended up becoming the bully, and as a result was suspended from school several times.  But because of the inspired choice from her Principal to send her to a leadership camp she ended up changing her life! 
         Now, Jessie speaks to youth all over the country where she shares stories and tools they can use to get through the heavy trials they may be going through or may perhaps face in the future.  She is also in the process of creating through her Non-Profit Organization the Ivy Ranch where youth can go there to learn leadership tools, and more!  Jessie is also currently in her Doctorate program to become a therapist so we are so excited for her to finish that intense program! That training will bring so much value to what she is in the process of creating for the youth! 

        We really encourage teenagers and their parents to listen to this episode!  It is inspiring, and beautiful to hear Jessie share the passion she has to help the youth of this world! 

             Thank you so much for stopping by!  Please make sure you listen to this episode!
                          Much Love, 
                                 Mary & Eddie

"Pushing Through The Noise"
An In-Depth Look Into The World of 
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
with David & Chalese
(Ep. 12) 

      In this episode we had the pleasure of talking to David and his wife Chalese.  David has suffered with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) for years.  His specific OCD is with germs which brings with it a burden of anxiety.  David shares the tools he has learned and used to help him work through his OCD.  One tool he uses is the counting method where he will count and that helps his anxiety to calm down.  
     David and Chalese also share how this has effected their marriage and the things they do to support one another.  Maintaining open communication was one thing they really stressed, for example Chalese helps David talk through the things he is feeling when his anxiety is high.  
    We really encourage you to listen to their episode!  We learned so much about OCD and how debilitating it can be on a person!  There are tools out there and people trained to help with this disorder, and that is something David really stressed to our listeners!  He wants people to know that seeing a therapist can absolutely help those who are suffering so all should take advantage of that resource! 
    We are so grateful to David who was so vulnerable in sharing his story! We know that many will be inspired! 

           Thank you for stopping by, and be sure to listen to this episode! 
                        Mary & Eddie

"Healing Your Mind, Body & Soul"
with Special Guest Janice McQueen Ward
(Ep. 13)

        We had the pleasure of speaking with Janice McQueen Ward! Janice is a Pageant and Life Coach, TV Host and Actress! She is also the former Mrs. United States, and has won 10 additional major titles! She was a guest of former President Clinton at the White House, and made over 200 appearances on behalf of Lung Health and Wellness. Janice has also been a celebrity guest host on QVC, Shop HQ, and has starred in many infomercials and commercials.  

      Currently, she is a Pageant/Life Coach, a Beauty Expert, and is the host of an international podcast show called, BeautyCall Podcast.  Her podcast focuses on a range of topics including finding your inner strength and beauty, sharing better and healthier ways of taking care of your body on the inside and out, and so much more!  Janice wants to encourage others to know that they are enough!  

      In this episode Janice shares how she was able to get through the passing of her Mother & Father, as well as other challenging struggles she faced in life.  Janice shares how she was able to find physical, spiritual, and mental healing by changing her lifestyle.  We have no doubt you will feel an abundance of light, be inspired to take chances in life, take better care of your body, and live your fullest life after listening to this episode! 

    We encourage you to listen to Janice's own words as she shares such beautiful words of encouragement that can be applied to anything.  We know that you will feel her light and be inspired! 

          Thank you so much for stopping by! 

                     Mary & Eddie

  "Better Not Bitter"
    with Special Guest Brandon Sulser 

   We had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Brandon Sulser, the author of the inspiring book, "We Are All Paralyzed -The Remarkable True Story of Chooseing to Live after Four Life-Threatening Accidents",  who he co-authored with Kate Lee.  Brandon shares with us ways he has coped through his four life threatening accidents, and gives encouragement to others going through any difficult situation.  Brandon's outlook on life despite the difficulties he faces daily is incredible.  We have no doubt that as you listen to his episode that you will walk away choosing to be "better not bitter".

Thank you Brandon for being so willing to talk to us!  You are wonderful!

You can find him on Facebook and Instagram @brandonsulser.

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

                 Mary & Eddie 

Always Look for the Positive     
with Brian Steven King
(Ep. 15)

         We had the pleasure of talking to Brian Steven King who is so full of life and optimism it is contagious!  He is a student at Brigham Young University studying Geospatial Intelligence and Aerospace Studies. Brian also has a blog that he uses to share his thoughts and spiritual messages of hope. 

          In this episode Brian shares of a time in his life when he felt like things were just not making any sense.  We have all been there, right?   He had chosen to serve a two year volunteer mission for his church of worship, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but ended up returning to his home in North Carolina earlier than planned.  With the help of someone in his life at the time, and with the help of God, Brian came to see and learn that God is mindful of each of us, He loves us, and wants us to turn to Him when we are feeling hopeless.  Brian wants to encourage others to remember that God is mindful of them, and that as we look for the blessings in our lives you will be more optimistic and positive about things in your life.  

        We are grateful for Brian's willingness to share such beautiful thoughts.  Be sure to listen to his episode!  You can find Brian at the following social media outlets: 

Instagram @brianstevenking

Thank you so much Brian for sharing your story with us!  We know your message of Hope will inspire many!

           Thank you so much for stopping by!

                  Mary & Eddie 

"Do What's Best For You"
A Survivor's Message of Hope
(Ep. 16)

    In this episode we were able to talk to Mary’s friend hair stylist, Taylor Orr. Taylor is a wife, mother to her sweet baby boy, and Cosmetologist of four years. She has a passion for making people feel beautiful inside and out, and also strives to inspire and help others! 

    Taylor is a Survivor!  She wanted to share her incredibly heartbreaking yet brave story of surviving being raped. She walked us through the events leading up to the assault and the events that followed.  You will feel Taylor's strength while hearing her story. 
   Taylor provides hotlines and steps to take, including being a listening ear, if someone has been sexually assaulted all in hopes that the survivor won’t feel alone!  Taylor is an amazing woman and we are so honored to be a part of her brave journey in sharing her story. 

Thank you so much Taylor for being so brave. You are full of Hope and Light. 

You can find her on Instagram: @thisorrthatbeauty
                                 Faceboook:  Taylor Seghetti Orr 

If you or someone you know has been a victim of a sexual assault, please share this information with them: 

National Sexual Assault Hotline 
Free. Confidential. 24Hour.
1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

Local Crisis Center 24 hour Hotline


The Fire to Move Forward
with Wendi Seger
(Season 2, Ep. 1)

Welcome to Season 2 of our podcast ‘Praiseworthy with Mary & Eddie’!   We took
a few months off, but we are back and so excited!  

    In this first episode of Season 2 we had the absolute pleasure of talking to Wendi Seger! Wendi has a Master’s Degree in Counseling and a PhD in Business.  She has three children, and has been married for 25 years!  She is also the owner of a brick & mortar market and restaurant located in Alamosa, Colorado!  

   Wendi has accomplished so much in her life despite the things she has had to endure.  She has overcome insurmountable odds such as abandonment and immense verbal and emotional abuse, but she shows us that we can use life’s tidal waves to rise up to a higher plain! 

   We have no doubt that you will feel inspired and motivated to just keep moving forward after listening to her story!  We are so grateful Wendi for your willingness to share your experiences!

   Please make sure to check out Wendi’s social media accounts and websites!  If you’re local to her businesses be sure to stop by her store and restaurant! 

Market:  Wendi's Good Things Market
Restaurant:  Locavores
The brick & mortar market & restaurant are located in Alamosa, Colorado.
@wendiseger   @wendisgoodthingsmarket   @eat.locavores


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