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Free Community Event! Find out who will be participating below!

  “Tell the story of the Mountain you have climbed. Your words could become a page in someone else's survival guide."  -MHN     It’s ready! An event with a message Eddie & I have embraced and encouraged for years through our voices, our podcast & more.  A message which also happens to be my platform as Mrs. Rexburg, this event is finally ready to be announced!!!   We invite you to….  'TURNING RAIN TO RAINBOWS’   navigating through the storms of life   The phrase ‘turning rain to rainbows’ was shared with me recently by a dear friend who shared that it goes back to when our sweet McKaylee passed away. I will never forget the tender words shared with me and the meaning behind that phrase. Vulnerability. Connection. Mental Health . These are words that Eddie & I know go hand in hand in such beautiful & healthy ways. But why is that?  How can connection come from choosing to be vulnerable with others?  Can it really effect our mental health for good?  Perhaps y

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