Forgiveness - Stories of Hope

Forgiving the Stranger 
by Linda Harris
(Episode #7)

    We had the honor to chat with the wonderful Linda Harris who was referred to us by a mutual friend.  Linda's journey over the past 10 years is absolutely inspiring, and we are honored that she felt comfortable and so willing to share her story with us. 
       Linda was an active runner and biker until an accident changed her life.  On the day of the accident Linda had decided to go for a bike ride on the beautiful trails that she lived by. Unfortunately, as she was enjoying the bike ride a fellow biker hit her on the rear of her bike tire sending her flying face first over the handlebars and hitting the pavement.  The impact was so forceful that she broke the asphault with her face. Her jaw was broken in four places, 10 of her teeth were either knocked out or loosened, and cuts were made down to the bone on her hands and wrists.  She lost a lot of blood, and also suffered a traumatic brain injury.  The ER Physician said that her helmet saved her life!  Linda is a huge advocate now of bike safety and always encouraging others to wear a helmet!
      The man who caused the accident ended up leaving the scene and Linda has not seen him or heard of him since.  There were five witnesses though who were at the scene and they were no less than angels because of the kindness they showed to her during that time.  Since the accident this man caused, she has had 12 surgeries, and has had to adjust to a new "normal" which does not include the once active lifestyle she so much enjoyed.  

       Despite this accident changing her entire life, Linda chose to forgive the man responsible.  She has also chosen to find new hobbies such as swimming and playing the piano to replace the ones she can no longer do.  Linda shared ten lessons with us that she has taken away from this horrible accident.  These lessons are beautiful and can be applied to most difficult situations.  

       We encourage you to listen to Linda share her story in her own words.  We promise you will walk away feeling inspired and filled with so much hope.  

        Thank you so much for stopping by! 
                  Mary & Eddie 


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