Youth Advocate

"Be The Hero Of Your Story"
with Jessie Funk
(Ep. 11)

   In this episode we were so excited to talk to the renowned vocalist, recording artist, Youth Advocate, Speaker, and Non-profit Director, Jessie Funk! Not only has she touched our lives with her music, and by allowing us to sing her song "Calling All Angels" at our daughter McKaylee's funeral, but the work she has been doing as a Youth Advocate is nothing less than beautiful and inspiring!  
      In this episode Jessie shares that her advocacy for the youth began when she was a young teenager and was bullied horribly.  She shares that she ended up becoming the bully, and as a result was suspended from school several times.  But because of the inspired choice from her Principal to send her to a leadership camp she ended up changing her life! 
      Now, Jessie speaks to youth all over the country where she shares stories and tools they can use to get through the heavy trials they may be going through or may perhaps face in the future.  She is also in the process of creating through her Non-Profit Organization the Ivy Ranch where youth can go there to learn leadership tools, and more!  Jessie is also currently in her Doctorate program to become a therapist so we are so excited for her to finish that intense program! That training will bring so much value to what she is in the process of creating for the youth! 

     We really encourage teenagers and their parents to listen to this episode!  It is inspiring, and beautiful to hear Jessie share the passion she has to help the youth of this world! 

             Thank you so much for stopping by!  Please make sure you listen to this episode!
                          Much Love, 
                                 Mary & Eddie


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