Infertility - Stories of Hope

"An Unexpected Miracle...a Journey of Infertility"
by Joe and Ashley
(Episode #8)

    Infertility is such a tender and personal journey for so many people who long to have a baby of their own.  Recently we were able to speak with Joe and Ashley who endured the trial of infertility for years.  Their story is beautiful and inspiring, and we know that it will give Hope and Strength to anyone who may be going through a similar struggle.

      Joe and Ashley's journey led them through financial strains, heartbreaks, frustrations and so much more. Finally, through the unexpected guidance of a much needed infertility support group, they were ultimately guided to an amazing professional who allowed them to overcome the barriers that had been preventing them from having children.

      After going through the costly process of artificial-insemenation, and then through Invitro-Fertilization, they were blessed with the sweet gifts they had been longing for.  But it doesn't end there!
      We encourage you to listen to their own words as they go into greater detail with their journey.  We promise that you will feel inspired and hopeful! Thank you so much Ashley and Joe for sharing your story with us!

          Thank you so much for stopping by!

                    Mary & Eddie


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