Death of a Loved One

 Intentionally Living Through Our Challenges

(Season 3 - Episode 2)

  In this beautiful and inspiring episode with our sweet guest Leah Judd, Leah talks about how when we make intentional choices during the difficulties of life we are better able to see that there is always good during the hard.  She has learned that triumphs and hard things coexist, and that we should always try to remember those good things.  

  Leah encourages others to keep going, even when it is hard and you don't think you can keep going.  Making intentional choices during hard times is something she also encourages - finding things that can help you to keep going.  She gives some examples in this episode of has helped her, such as running.   Our conversation with her was just so good! 

  Be sure to listen to this episode to hear more about what Leah chose to do to help navigate through the sudden passing of her brother as a teenager, as well as other heavy times.  We have no doubt you will be so inspired and gain such valuable tools that can be applied in your own life! We are so grateful to Leah who was so willing to share her story so that others can not only learn tools that may help them in their own challenges, but also so that others can know they are not alone! 

If you would like to reach out to Leah you can find her on instagram at


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