About Mary & Eddie

Who are Mary & Eddie Grampp?

     We are really excited to be able to bring 'Praiseworthy' to the world!  Since we will be getting to know each other we wanted to introduce ourselves to you!  You can find more of who we are in the "Our Story" section of this website, as well as on our Podcast in Episodes 1, 2, 3, & 6!  You can also read how 'Praiseworthy' was born by reading about it in the section called "What is Praiseworthy".  


Let's start with Eddie! 

Eddie has worked in the field of 3D Animation for years as a Character Technical Director, aka Rigger, for over a decade.  He's worked for Disney Feature Animation Studios, Nickelodeon Animation Studios, and more!  He keeps busy with the many projects he has going on, as well as mentoring local college students who are interested in similar fields.  Eddie also enjoys playing the acoustic, electric, and bass guitars and has written many songs.  Since his brain cancer diagnosis it has become more difficult to play the guitar but he still enjoys playing it when he can. 

Who is Mary?  Mary has always liked to be involved with many things.  She is a trained Interior Designer, as well as a Wedding & Event Planner and studied both at the New York Institute of Art & Design! She is also a Professional Teeth Whitening Tech!  Mary has always had a deep passion for the medical field and was originally pre-med.  She also studied a little bit in it while in a nationwide program while in High School.  Mary grew up with music and singing being a big part of her life so she still enjoys singing and playing the piano whenever she has the chance to!  Making an album is a big goal she has!  Mary also holds the title of Mrs. Rexburg for the year 2023, and because of that is a delegate for the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant in June 2023.  She is excited to be able to have this platform to share her and Eddie's message of Hope and encouraging others to be more vulnerable in sharing their struggles with others.  


Eddie and Mary have four children: "Little" Eddie, Jacob, McKaylee & Molly.  McKaylee passed away in a tragic accident on August 12th, 2015 when Mary was six months pregnant with Molly.  Their hearts were broken and their lives' were forever changed on that day, but they all have chosen everyday to continue to move forward with Hope and Faith.  They believe they will see McKaylee again one day, and remain are so grateful to have sweet moments where they feel her close.  

They decided to leave the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and settle and build their home in beautiful Idaho!  They are so grateful.  Their family is enjoying the slower pace of life.  


   We hope everyone who visits this website, or listens to our podcast, will walk away with perhaps a new outlook on life, greater peace, inspiration on how to get through challenging times, and an abundance of motivation to show kindness to others especially those who may need that extra smile, a hug, a "Hello", a meal provided, etc!  This world is filled with so much GOOD and we want to shine a light on those things, things that we feel are 'Praiseworthy'! 

Thank you so much for stopping by!
              ~Mary & Eddie~


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