People with Special Needs - Stories of Hope

"Change of Plans"
by: Branden & Janae 
(Ep. 5)

      We were so happy to be able to sit and talk with Branden and Janae earlier this week! They were so willing to share their beautiful story of their sweet Ryan, who is their oldest child.  

      Janae shared with us that throughout that first pregnancy she was always feeling a bit uneasy and worried about the pregnancy, but when they had their 20 week ultrasound everything looked great so that was a relief.  She ended up going into labor six weeks early and Ryan was born healthy and seemed to be doing okay, at least for that moment.  Branden and Janae continue their story sharing how the doctors and nurses were huddled around their baby right after delivery and ended up asking them questions about any tests they may have had during the pregnant, and then telling them that their new baby had strong signs of being Down Syndrome.  

      Having had four babies, I tried to imagine being a new mother again and it was really touching to my heart to try and imagine how they felt because they had not been prepared for this news, but they were choosing to take it with such Hope and Faith!  One thing that stood out to us was that one nurse told Janae to just go home and focus on being a mommy and taking care of their new baby.  Janae shares how much that simple advice meant to her, that while Ryan was now going to have a life somewhat different than what they had imagined and wished for, nothing changes the way a new mother and father will parent their sweet new baby, that remains the same and is such a tender gift.  

     This sweet couple also shares how there were little things in their life that had prepared them for this new journey.  We encourage you to go and listen to their story and here what those preparations were that ended being gifts to them.  We promise that you will be inspired and feel so much love for them and their sweet Ryan who is a joy to them and so many others!  
      Thank you so much Branden and Janae for sharing your beautiful story! 

 "Better Not Bitter"
    by: Brandon Sulser 

  We had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Brandon Sulser, the author of the inspiring book, "We Are All Paralyzed -The Remarkable True Story of Choosing to Live after Four Life-Threatening Accidents",  who he co-authored with Kate Lee.  Brandon shares with us ways he has coped through his four life threatening accidents, and gives encouragement to others going through any difficult situation.  Brandon's outlook on life despite the difficulties he faces daily is incredible.  We have no doubt that as you listen to his episode that you will walk away choosing to be "better not bitter".

Thank you Brandon for being so willing to talk to us and share your remarkable story!  You are wonderful!

You can find him on Facebook and Instagram @brandonsulser.

     Thank you so much for stopping by!

                 Mary & Eddie


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