Losing a Spouse - Stories of Hope

Faith Instead of Fear
by: Lisa Kingston Smith
(Episode #4)

     We were able to interview a dear friend of ours, Lisa Kingston Smith, who continues to be such an inspriation to our family and we know to many many more.  The service she has shown to our family will never be forgotten , and we are forever grateful to her.  She is Praiseworthy.  We encourage you to listen to Lisa tell her own story as you will be able to hear the strength she radiates from her sweet voice.
      At a young age, Lisa found herself navigating through a terrifying diagnosis of an aggressive brain tumor that her two year old daughter was suffering with.  In the beginning, the doctors didn't want to do an MRI on her daughter at first, but Lisa insisted and as a result they did indeed find a tumor in her little girl's brain.  That scan saved her life.  Lisa encourages others to get MRI's if you are experiencing bad headaches, and to push for a scan even if your Doctor tells you it isn't needed.

     As if Lisa didn't have enough on her plate during that time, her husband had passed away prior to that diagnosis, suddenly in his sleep while Lisa and her at the time six weeks old baby were asleep next to him.  She explained that she decided to not be bitter and to instead live a good life!

   Years later, Lisa was diagnosed with her own benign brain tumor, and then later a brain scan found another tumor in her brain, but this time it was malignant.  Lisa went through Radiation treatment for that tumor, and is doing great as of today.

    Lisa encourages everyone to let the fear go of whatever you might be faced with!  She is a bright example of pushing through such horrible and stressful times, and not letting those difficult times get her down!  The Hope and Faith she excudes is undeniable, and we each can be blessed by learning from her example.

    Thank you so much Lisa for sharing your incredible story!

    Please listen to her interview for more details!


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