Losing a Parent - Stories of Hope

Losing a Parent -Stories of Hope

"Healing Your Mind, Body & Soul"
by: Janice McQueen Ward
(Ep. 14)

      We had the pleasure of speaking with Janice McQueen Ward! Janice is a Pageant and Life Coach, TV Host and Actress! She is also the former Mrs. United States, and has won 10 additional major titles! She was a guest of former President Clinton at the White House, and made over 200 appearances on behalf of Lung Health and Wellness. Janice has also been a celebrity guest host on QVC, Shop HQ, and has starred in many infomercials and commercials.  

      Currently, she is a Pageant/Life Coach, a Beauty Expert, and is the host of an international podcast show called, BeautyCall Podcast.  Her podcast focuses on a range of topics including finding your inner strength and beauty, sharing better and healthier ways of taking care of your body on the inside and out, and so much more!  Janice wants to encourage others to know that they are enough!  

      In this episode Janice shares how she was able to get through the passing of her Mother & Father, as well as other challenging struggles she faced in life.  Janice shares how she was able to find physical, spiritual, and mental healing by changing her lifestyle.  We have no doubt you will feel an abundance of light, be inspired to take chances in life, take better care of your body, and live your fullest life after listening to this episode! 

    We encourage you to listen to Janice's own words as she shares such beautiful words of encouragement that can be applied to anything.  We know that you will feel her light and be inspired! 

          Thank you so much for stopping by! 

                     Mary & Eddie

https://anchor.fm/praiseworthy/episodes/Healing-Your-Mind--Body--Soul-ebnpno  (Link to her Episode)


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