Always Look for the Positive

      Always Look for the Positive     
By: Brian Steven King
(Ep. 15)

         We had the pleasure of talking to Brian Steven King who is so full of life and optimism it is contagious!  He is a student at Brigham Young University studying Geospatial Intelligence and Aerospace Studies. Brian also has a blog that he uses to share his thoughts and spiritual messages of hope. 

          In this episode Brian shares of a time in his life when he felt like things were just not making any sense.  We have all been there, right?   He had chosen to serve a two year volunteer mission for his church of worship, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but ended up returning to his home in North Carolina earlier than planned.  With the help of someone in his life at the time, and with the help of God, Brian came to see and learn that God is mindful of each of us, He loves us, and wants us to turn to Him when we are feeling hopeless.  Brian wants to encourage others to remember that God is mindful of them, and that as we look for the blessings in our lives you will be more optimistic and positive about things in your life.  

        We are grateful for Brian's willingness to share such beautiful thoughts.  Be sure to listen to his episode!  You can find Brian at the following social media outlets: 

Instagram @brianstevenking

Thank you so much Brian for sharing your story with us!  We know your message of Hope will inspire many!

           Thank you so much for stopping by!

                  Mary & Eddie 


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